Spiritual weapons of mass destruction

David and GoliathThose who live through the eyes of people they seek approval from, in crux are rejecting God, who made them to be and His destiny for why they were born. King Saul wanted David to fight Goliath through the eyes of his experiences in warfare. He offered David three things. 1) armor for his head, 2) armor for his body, and 3) a sword for fighting Goliath (I Samuel 17:38-39).

David felt uncomfortable using Saul’s armor and decided to only confront Goliath with a slingshot. He told Saul his weapons were not proven. David’s slingshot was symbolic of his prayer life on a backside of a mountain. It symbolized brokenness from his brethren and total dependency on God for fighting all of his battles. David’s slingshot was a proven weapon when he killed a lion and bear by himself. David’s weapon was also a harp he played that produced love affair with God. So his slingshot and harp reminded him of proven weapons God provided him for a love relationship between him and God in prayer. David’s slingshot and harp became weapons of mass destruction for his enemies for years to come. David had to learn to use these weapons through his private and personal devotions with God. He had to deal with the deck of cards God dealt him because he grew up around family rejection.

I. God’s Mind Developing through your Mindset and Personality

1. Factor in 15-30 minutes of pressing through your flesh to experience God’s love. (Use His Word, worshipping with music, etc.).
2. Ask God to personalize Himself into your emotions and personality without shame, arrogance, fear, or impatience.
3. Ask God to build up His love through you, suchlike when David’s brethren and parents omitted him from family activities.
4. Ask God to bring under control the influences to social media/ungodly entertainment that kill your ability to wait on God.

II. Operating Your Real Identity that you were Born with.

1. Build a sustainable prayer life that gives you confidence when fighting public Goliaths.
2. Learn to submit all of your ambitions, goals, and resources to the cross, mentality.
3. Claim peace and contentment with the uncomfortableness of your cross.
4. Ask God to use the cross principles to develop your character while facing loneliness, abandonment, and rejection.
5. Practice customized harp worship as God made you, to help conquer fear and character issues. This produces strength, soul winning and kingdom work.
6. Confront and conquer discontentment, personal ambitions and clamorous voices to get up and make an impact with your peers. Learn to bring under control/reject negative voices. Discipline yourself and embrace quietness of the soul. Conquer Mark 4:19.

III. Personalizing the Sword of the Word through your Personality.

1. Ask God to use the cross values and the Word to customize your personality, job, ministry, and destiny.
2. Conquer your private shame and manage weaknesses to help handle public Goliaths without being intimidated (Psalms 22).
3. Discover to conquer your reactions to pain and anger according to God’s Word.
4. Develop a genuine burden for souls as God trains you.
5. Learn to use the harp and slingshot (God’s Word and worship) for evangelistic outreach.

Don Rogers
Wisconsin District Prayer Coordinator

Article from Network of Prayer